How To Choose The Perfect Interior Wood Stain

There are really few things more frustrating when you install a new wooden floor then to find a stain somewhere in your home. While most major stains will require the assistance of an expert, for the DIY’ers, like to save time and share some of these quick tips for wooden floor stain elimination with you. So where do you start? Here are a few ideas.

Begin with basic home maintenance. Sweep up spills using a vacuum cleaner. If your floors have rough surfaces, make sure you use a damp mop on occasion. Keep the furniture away from your wooden floors and apply a wood conditioner to help keep the finish strong. Apply, exterior and interior wood stain cleaners that are designed for use on wood floors. Most finishes are fine for exterior wood floors while there are some exterior wood stain cleaners that are specifically designed for use on wood floors.

If you live in an area that gets extreme temperatures consider applying wood sealer or hardwood floor sanding to protect your floors. These finishes are also great for exterior and interior finishes. Wood sealer is more commonly seen on floors that see heavy traffic but hardwood floor sanding is more often used on the interior floors of homes that see less traffic.

If you’re considering staining your wooden floors, be sure to pick a color that will work well with your decorating plans. Neutral colors are best but if you’re staining just part of the room choose a darker color to balance out the lighter portions. Once you’ve decided on a good color to go with the same tone throughout the entire room. If you change the entire room at the same time it can be distracting and cause a great deal of wear on the floor. Staining a small area will be noticeable and you should move everything as slowly as possible so the color doesn’t appear blotchy.

When it comes to actual stains that you can stain your wooden floor with there are many choices. There’s water-based stains, oil based, illness and stencils. Water-based stains are the least expensive but only work well with new or gently worn surfaces. Oil based is great for new and gently worn flooring and stains don’t generally need to be reapplied as they can be easily removed with a cloth or paper towel without damage.

For more lasting results oil-based staining floors with water-based finishes are best. For best results you should always clean up spills as soon as possible and use a clean rag or paper towels to help prevent stains from becoming permanent. For more forgiving results use a stencil for your initial clean up. After your stencil is applied, use a clean rag or paper towels to gently buff the floor. This process helps to give the finished product a smooth and glossy look.  For more info or if you need help in choosing wooden floor stain visit